Vajossis's Info - Dont Cha


So my daughter she has allergic asthma and I feel so sorry for her because I can see that she doesn't feel good about it because she is so sick and she doesn't want me to talk about it to her school or friends, but I told her that there are even worst stuff that could happen but she just cries when I told her about it so that is so sad, I love here so much and I just don't know what to do anymore because she doesn't wanna go anywhere she just wants to be home but ...

Rent a castle

I've just rented at chateau in Brittany. I wanted to do something special for my wife on our anniversary. She doesn't know what we're going to do yet though. she doesn't even know which country we're going to. So I wont tell her anything until we've landed. I think that she's going to be really surprised when she finds out that I've rented a castle. I really hope that she'll be happy about it. But I'm pretty sure that she will be. I'm really looking forward to this I must say.